Lake Nipissing is fast growing as a perch fishing spot, particularly in winter. The last two years have seen large quantities and even better sizes, with 12 to 14 inch perches that daily fill buckets. Fall and spring are also the best times to go fishing some fantastic perches. All you need to do is to go and find some deep water and you will obviously catch some great perches at these periods of the year. Small spoons filled with a bit of minnow are an excellent way to catch perch in winter. Pickerel rigs lined with small fish or a jig with a worm works great during fall and spring.

Yellow perch, which is often known as giant perch because of its large size, is one of the most popular fish species in the world. Lake Nipissing is famous as the best place to fish many large gigantic perch, whether in ice fishing or during summer.

Lake Nipissing perches generally tend to remain deep in what many people call “Perch Fields”. Whether you are fishing by boat or on the ice, a depth of 30 feet may seem to be the perfect number for the big jumbo perch. The majority of guests are fishing directly with a hook and a minnow or a worm. Perches can be caught easily when they are feeding. In summer, they are likely to enjoy light days; while in winter, they feed themselves well on dark days.

Regulations for fishing perch are 25 for each day with 50 in possession. This implies that perch is the most effective way to store a lot of meat for big fish. Guests who are fishing Perch also fish for walleyes in the same areas.