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Discovering Lake Nipissing

Lake Nipissing, a large body of water with an area of 831 km2 and an altitude of 196 m, is the fifth largest lake in Ontario, excepting the big lakes. The lake is located far as 50 km northeast of the Georgian Bay. Its name comes from an Indigenous term which means “little water”. Lake Nipissing extends 80 km from east to west and is often a difficult lake to navigate, as it is longitudinally extending and parallel to the prevailing winds. It is a relatively shallow lake with about 10 m deep in the majority of parts, making it a well-ventilated lake that is favorable for healthy plant and aquatic life.

Historically, the two largest outlets of the lake were the Mattawa River connecting it to the Ottawa River system, with the French River, which drains from its southwestern extremity out into the Georgian Bay. Along this route between Ottawa and northern Georgian Bay, the early French explorers – the first was Étienne Brule in 1610 – traveled and mapped out a route that was followed by fur traders for the next 200 years. Permanent settlement around Nipissing Lake started since 1874 at Nipissing village in the southeast and since 1882 at the North Bay. From the 1880s to first WW, Lake Nipissing has been the main transportation way for settlers and forestry lumbering, because steamships were serving it regularly. Since that time, it has mainly been developed as a recreational waterway for tourist and for local holiday-seekers as well.

Welcome Fishing & Hunting over Lake Nipissing

Nipissing is an ideal space for fishing, hiking, boating and canoeing, as you can imagine. The Nipissing is widely known as the jewel of the north and the charming gateway to Northern Ontario. It is also among the best fishing lakes in Ontario and hosts many great trophies that smaller lakes could not provide.

Walleye, Muskie, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, whitefish and Jumbo Perch fishing is an excellent sports and relaxing activity over the endless boards of the lake.

Below Are The Best Lodges

Mashkinonje Lodge

Your Northern Experience Starts here!

Mashkinonje Lodge

Mashkinonje Lodge & the new Paradise Cove Cottages is the ultimate four season Northern Ontario fishing lodge and cottage rental resort, for fishing and outdoor enthusiasts – Read more

Rainville Cedar Cottages

Your cottage rental destination

rainville cedar cottages

Are you looking for the perfect year-round cottage vacation? Rainville Cedar Cottages is the place to be! At our Northern Ontario fishing and cottage rental resort, we offer everything – Read more...

Green Bay Lodge

Your unforgettable Island Retreat

Green Bay Lodge

Green Bay Lodge is a family owned and operated vacation resort since 1968. The site is located on the historical French River water systems where nature abounds in unspoiled surroundings.Read more

Lakair Lodge

The best outdoor getaway on the West Arm

Lakair lodge

Located on the West Arm of Lake Nipissing in the great Canadian Shield amidst the white pines and waterways that wind their way through a myriad of Islands with many back water bays, – Read more

Lunge Lodge

Your next adventure starts here

Lunge lodge-BoatRentals

Scott and Tiffany are on premise all summer long, wether it’s your 1st time or your 100th, you’re like family.  Lunge lodge features spacious main lodge perfect for socializing and well-equipped cabins.Read more

Wolseley Lodge

Fishing & Family Lodge since 1928…

Green Bay Lodge

Welcome to the Wolseley Lodge and unwind in our rustic cabin accommodations next to the waterfront or overlooking the Wolseley Bay. We offer different packages tailored to your needs.Read more

Nanmark’s Lighthouse Resort

Creating Memories to Last a Lifetime

Nanmark's lighthouse resort

Home of breathtaking view, extraordinary Northern scenery, Nanmark’s Lighthouse Resort established over 70 years ago, combines the casual fun of a family getaway with an excellent fishing resort.- Read more…

South River Resort

Your home away from home.

South River Resort

Dream vacation this coming season, discover why family, friends, fishing and fun are the main reasons we’ve been welcoming Canadians and Americans since 1939. There’s something for everyone! – Read more…

Gray’s log house

Magnificient colors for fishing, hicking…

Green Bay Lodge

The Gray’s Log House B & B has a history going back to the middle of the 19th century. Although old, it has been updated with all of the modern conveniences but still retains a lot of its pioneer character.– Read more…

Lake Nipissing Articles & news

Mashkinonje Lodge

Mashkinonje Lodge

Lake Nipissing is the fifth largest lake in Ontario, Lake Nipissing is a renowned fishery, with over 40 species of fish including walleye, northern pike, musky and bass. If hiking, photography or bird watching is your passion Mashkinonje Provincial Park features more...

read more
Lake Nipissing Fishing Regulations

Lake Nipissing Fishing Regulations

Walleye Regulations: Open Season: (Jan. 1 to March 7) & (3rd Saturday in May to October 15th) Limit - Sport License: 4 in one day - 4 in your possession Limit - Conservation License: 2 in one day - 2 in your possession Size Restrictions: Zero Walleyes between 15.7...

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Lake Nipissing Description

Lake Nipissing Description

Lake Nipissing Location Located a mere four hour drive from the bustling city of Toronto, Lake Nipissing is the fourth largest lake in Ontario, covering a surface area of 831 square kilometres. (This works out to 67 km in length and 26 km in width.) Known to the...

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